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Rameesh Sashinka

Rameesh Sashinka is a talented singer and instrumentalist who gained recognition as a member of the band Check Point and as the winner of "The Voice Sri Lanka 2023." As a young and aspiring musician, Ramesh has made a significant impact on the Sri Lankan music scene. In Voice Sri Lanka 2023 Rameesh became a symbol of Reagge For His Own unique Style of Singing Classical Hit Songs in Reggae Style and His Fashion Of Clothing inspiration & New Style For Reagge Lovers Because He Is the First Popular winner of The Voice Sri Lanka Who Came Back To The Competition And Conquer the Whole Show. As per Record He is Second Competitor In The World Who Achieved That. As being Unique and Humble while Being Sucessful, He proved that success could be achieved without compromising one's artistic integrity. His story encouraged others to stay true to their visions and passions and embrace their uniqueness.



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